Thursday, December 12, 2013

Childrens Wish - Part 5 and update

I realize that it has been a long time since I have updated the blog.  We have been busy lately and it slips my mind...frequently.  This past Friday Cheyenne had a port flush at Mac.  We didn't see the oncologist.  That appointment is February 3rd after her MRI(January 20th) and CT(January 6th).  She will have a physical, bloodwork and we will get her scan results then.  Cheyenne was also set to see the plastic surgeon.  Dr Choi has a special place in our hearts.  He is always so compassionate towards our concerns and even towards how Cheyenne feels about decisions that have to be made.  He was so pleased with her healing, and amazed at how nicely her hair has grown in.  Because she had a scalp rotation, there is a chance that her hair doesn't lay flat and sit nicely(yes I know this is minor in the grand scheme of things).  Dr Choi's nurse, Brenda was so happy to be able to give Cheyenne hair clips out of the treatbox.   
Monday afternoon saw us back at Mac to see Dr McLean.  He is our ENT.  He did the nerve mapping for Cheyenne's surgery.  He now follows up watching for nerve damage, and issues related to her ear.  This can be because of the radiation and also her ear being displaced.  Dr McLean and Dr Choi both agree that the longer we wait before she has the second surgery to place her ear the better.
Tuesday morning we went to visit Dr Sabri, her opthamologist, also at Mac.  Cheyenne has some vision issues related to her chemo that haven't resolved yet.  Her one eye turns in.  They have watched this for 9 months so far.  She will go back in March for a different test(couldn't do it after they dilated her pupils) and that will determine if she gets glasses or not.  She was pretty bummed.  She wanted a pair of glasses.

Part 5 of our Alaskan trip
Friday was spent in Juneau, Alaska.  For our port adventure we headed out on a catameran to go whale watching and look for wild life.  Interesting fact about Juneau, there are only 2 ways in, by boat or plane.  This is the capital of Alaska and homeplace of Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska.

These are humpback whales.  They can be spotted by the mist shooting up from the water.  It is unusual to see this many in one sighting.  The pictures don't do justice.

The flip of the tail

A random blow

The kids using the binoculars to look for wildlife

We were able to get close to all these sealions.  There were hundreds of them.

We took a little secret with us to Alaska.  This little miracle is due to arrive in April 2014.

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