Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day

Myself, Cassidy and Cheyenne

if you look close you can see Brielle peeking out the window
Happy Canada Day everyone.  We had a great morning out at the Lynden Canada Day Party.  We went in David's work truck with the kids.  They loved the idea of it until Cheyenne noticed that people were looking at her.  That was enough for her. 
Last week was a busy one.  Monday started out with a class trip for Wyatt and Cheyenne to the Twin Valley Brantford Zoo.  They had a great time despite the drastic heat and humidity.
Tuesday morning we headed off to the hospital for Cheyenne's CT appointment.  The hospital is in the midst of their construction so we were sitting in the old CT area for a bit before someone noticed us and sent us in the right direction.  Cheyenne was great and went in by herself and we were done in about 10 minutes.
Wednesday was a special day at school for Cheyenne.  You may remember that last week there was a picnic at school and a bakesale also to raise money for The Bravery Bead Program.  The school had a closing assembly where they announced the total raised and presented the cheque.  The money was donated to McMaster in Cheyenne and Mateo's name.  Mateo finished his treatment for leukemia last august and is one of Cheyenne's classmates
And the total raised was $1059.00
(L-R)Vince and Mateo Formiglio, Cheyenne and Sonya DeGraaf, Mrs Munro-Cheyenne's Teacher
Thursday was the last day of school so there was lots of excitement around the house.  Knowing Chey's test was later in the day I let her stay up late so I could get some snacks into her and then hopefully she would sleep in a bit friday morning.  So much for my plans.  Shortly after 10:30pm I received a call from the hospital that there had been a cancellation and Cheyenne could have her MRI at 815 instead of 1245.  So it was an early morning up and going, dropping kids off and heading to clinic to get accessed for the MRI.  Once her port is accessed. the nerves kicked in.  As we headed down the hall to MRI, she started to cry and say that she was scared.  Once we headed in we kept to the usual pattern.  Cheyenne won't lie down to get sedated, instead I sit on the bed with her and hold her 'til she falls asleep.  The MRI usually takes about an hour and then it takes some time for her to wake up. 
While in the waitingroom I met a mother whose son was getting an MRI also.  Little Danny is 3 and had a brain tumour(benign) removed in March.  Because it was non-cancerous he didn't have any treatment but is monitored every 3 months for growth.  Please keep this little boy in your prayers.
We head back to clinic on Friday.  Her counts was ok last week, but it could still take time for her cloodwork to stabilize.  Her platelets are still high, and her haemoglobin is on the low end.

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