Saturday, June 22, 2013

The past few weeks - June 22, 2013

The last couple weeks have been busy, with something going on almost daily.  Welcome to the summer. 
Last week Cheyenne had a small celebration with a few girls for her 5th birthday.  They had alot of fun decorating cupcakes and playing together.  It took Cheyenne about a half hour to actually join in and play.  The first bit she just watched quietly from the couch.

Cheyenne had her clinic visit thursday, her counts were good, but we knew that they would be dropping in the coming week from her chemo.  Earlier in the week she was able to join her classmates at school for a couple days.  She still puts up a fuss getting on the bus but she is slowly understanding that I am not backing down.

Last friday night we were excited to be able to attend the Relay For Life in Waterdown.  We missed the Cambridge one because of her admission.  We walked the Survivor lap with Cheyenne.  I dont think she understood what all it was about, but she is excited to have her own team next year.  Just looking for an appropriate team name. 

On Saturday (Cheyenne's actual birthday) we headed to Marineland with Help A Child Smile.  I would put pictures up but it takes a couple hours.  Cheyenne was hilarious and no fear on the rides.  Dave and I were a good team.  He did the height rides and I did the ones that spin.  Im not saying I can handle the spinning ones(we have learned Brielle HATES them all), but if you close your eyes and tell yourself to get through it, it makes it easier.  All joking aside we had a great time as a family and it was fun to bump into the other oncology families from the hospital, in a better setting.

This week Monday Cheyenne's School held a picnic in honour of her being done her Chemo.  The kindergarten families donated baked goods and money was raised for the Bravery Bead Program.  It was amazing to see the support and a great time.  Wednesday they are having an assembly and the final tally will be announced. 

On Tuesday Cheyenne had to go see Dr Sabri for her follow-up appointment with her eyes.  She hates the dilation drops but because there has been some concern with her tracking and her one eye crossing, they have to be sure that there is no growth behind the eye, and no damage to the optic nerve.  We had it checked 3 months ago, and her follow-up was now booked for 6 months.  Everything looked great.

While we were at the hospital Tuesday Cheyenne was acting lethargic and not herself.  The kind of behaviour that usually means a fever is brewing.  We had her checked out at clinic and went home.  She has had low grade fevers off and on until yesterday.  It finally broke last night.  Her bloodwork yesterday showed she was neutropenic and again we were given orders to watch her closely.  I can usually tell by how she is acting how her counts are.  If she continues to improve then she will be able to attend her class trip monday. 

In clinic yesterday we had a final hip hip hooray from the nurses, parents and other kids.  I never taped it, but there wasnt a dry eye in the room.  We also had some of our friends join us for it.  Crystal and her mom Ida travelled in for it, and we had a surprise visit from someone that has been done Chemo for abit now.  It made my day.

Next week Cheyenne has her CT on Tuesday(unsedated) and her MRI on Friday(sedated).  Please continue to keep her in your prayers, treatments are over but the journey is not.  We will not find out her results for 2 weeks, so it may be a trying couple weeks.  If you see me please dont ask if I have gotten results.  That just adds to the stress.  I will post results when I get them.

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