Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last Chemo complete-pics and video

I am having issues getting pictures to upload, sorry it has taken so long.
Cheyenne was delayed from wednesday night admit to thursday due to bed shortage at the hospital.  We are rather fortunate because this has only happened twice.  Some families have it happen on a regular basis.
Cheyenne had a consult with her plastic surgeon friday morning.  Dr Choi recommended that we do Cheyenne's reconstructive surgery in 2-5 years.  We were originally told 1 year post chemo, however because there is such a high risk of recurrance with rhabdomyosarcoma it would be wise to wait until we have had multiple clear scans.  Because she has already had radiation to that area if it was to reoccure the only option is for removal/chemo.  Each surgery leaves scar tissue and it would mean less skin for them to work with if she had to have subsequent surgeries.
Cheyenne got her chemo friday around noon.  Once she was finished(you can't leave your room when getting chemo), she had to change her clothes and show off her 'all done chemo' outfit.  I know some have already seen these pictures through facebook but for those who havent....
Nicole and Cheyenne
Some of the staff

She also got a little hip hip hooray from some of the staff friday afternoon.  Sorry but i missed the beginning of the video where they made the announcement.

We left the hospital late noon saturday due to the fact we had to wait for a discharge order from the doctor.  I was privy to a little surprise that was being arranged but that still didn't prepare me.  I'm glad no one caught a picture of me, I am brought to tears easily these days.  This is what met us as we drove home.


And a close up of her outfit.


Thanks so much to all who have kept us in your prayers over the past year.  We still have alot to deal with in the next few months and so now that we are done with chemo, we are going to spend the summer with follow-up appointments and doing things with our little family.  We spent much of last summer in hospital and isolating ourselves from the 'germs'.  Although this will be better it won't change overnight.  Cheyenne will still have a poor immune system for up to 6 months.

And I can't help but add this last picture (not of Cheyenne, but one of her biggest fans.)
Cassidy waiting patiently for Cheyenne to come home

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  1. Sonya, I have been following little Cheyenne and your family's journey this past year as you have fought cancer and have kept you all in my prayers. Please let Cheyenne know that she is an amazing little girl that puts a smile on my face every time I see her smile. I hope you all enjoy the summer together.