Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 39 / Prayer request for Collin

We are slowly nearing the end.  Although Cheyenne has 9 weeks reamining in her protocol, she only has 7 weeks of chemo remaining.  The other 2 weeks are scan weeks and she will be receiving a CT and MRI.  Cheyenne went yesterday for fingerpoke and her chemo in clinic.  Her counts were great at 12 days and were already at 0.9.  Because the have to be above 0.75 plus there has to be so many days between chemo we left with an appointment for monday morning and then be admitted monday night for chemo tuesday.  This would take 2 days off of her cycle.  But when we got home the doctors had discussed and we are heading back friday foe a physical and more bloodwork (to make sure she is high enough) and we will be admitted sunday night for chemo monday.  She will return to clinic friday and be back on her original schedule.  Please pray that she continue to be able to recover her counts post chemo without injections.  God has been good to us.  Cheyenne fights everything and this would have been very hard to do with her.  We have been able to avoid it thus far.

Please join us in praying for Collin Anderson.  He will be going in to surgery around 7:30 this am to have his tumour removed.  He lives in Wisconsin and is the same age as Cheyenne.  His cancer is neuroblastoma and is surrounding his major organs.  He will be in surgery most of the day.  For his parents it will be a long day.  We were told 5 hours for Cheyenne and it turned into 9.  They were given a 6-12hour window.

Thank you for all who continue to pray for Cheyenne and our family.

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