Monday, November 5, 2012

Update and pictures of Cheyenne's mask mold

Cheyenne is home and doing great.  She has only been sick once, and is in great spirits.  We have another appointment wednesday with the radiologist.  Hopefully we will get some answers and a plan then.  If the pictures of her taking the scan don't appear click on 'read more'.

In the waiting room - Daddy was tired!

the puppy dog pattern that Cheyenne picked for her masking

We had to tape over her NG tube to keep it from getting accidentally pulled out (Cheyenne doesn't like anyone touching her tube, hence the tears)

Laying on the headrest waiting for the molding.  You can see the mesh in the top right corner.  It starts as a hard plastic that they 'soften' in a hot water bath (similar to a chafing dish).  

Lining up the pegs.  The top mold will sit on the pegs of the headrest.  The two are then screwed together to immobilize her head.

Shaping the mesh around her face.  It takes a couple minutes to harden up.  Cheyenne didn't like everyone touching her

The finished product

These are little stickers that act as 'markers' on the CT scan

setting her up

All ready.  The laser lights line her up exactly where they want her.  Notice the plastic screws holding her head in place.  (She is smiling in this picture)
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Lining her up and preparing her for the scan

Completing the scan


Glad its over!

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  1. WOw my princess !! You are one brave girl !!! Im so proud of you !! LOVE YOUUU XOXO Please get better soon!!