Friday, November 16, 2012


Sorry to have kept you all waiting on an update.  The last few days have been busy.  Cheyenne started her electron radiation therapy on tuesday.  This was her first of 20.  She was alittle upset at first, but quickly calmed down and co-operated.  It takes about ten minutes to get her all set up and about 30 seconds to administer the radiation.  She goes every morning and has made alot of new friends.  She starts out the day by feeding the fish.

The red portion is a wax mould that sits on top of her mask to 'mimic' skin so that they can be more precise as to where the radiation effects.

'The Beast' - the radiation machine that delivers the precise dosage needed in the exact location
The lead shield that directs the radiation to the needed area and protects the surrounding areas

This has been a busy week with other appointments also.  Cheyenne had to visit the ENT for her check-up and then have a hearing test done.  Radiation can effect her hearing, as well as chemo.  Also because they displaced her ear with her surgery they want to keep a good eye on it.

Getting her hearing tested - she wasn't so sure about this!
 Yesterday Cheyenne also received her outpatient chemo.  She was a champ!  She went to fingerpoke and willingly chose what finger they could use.  Then she went up to clinic and got her port accessed and chemo administered with NOT A TEAR.  This is huge.  When Cheyenne started out it took about 4 of us to hold her down.  We have figured out that you just agree with her that it is a 'soft, dull needle' because the sharp ones 'really hurt'.  I'm pretty sure she gave the nurse a chuckle.

At school, they give out awards every month for various character traits.  This month was COURAGE.  Cheyenne was the recipent for the kindergarden class.  They are so proud of how brave that she is being.  She was also presented with a get-well card that the entire school had signed.  It was moving, and I couldn't help but cry to see how proud they all were of Cheyenne and how supportive of her battle.  I will try to upload the videotape to the blog.

Thanks so much for all the support, love and prayers that have been shown to us.  We are so thankful for your prayers.  

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