Saturday, November 10, 2012

Answers and a schedule

Yesterday we met with the radiation team again, and we got some concrete answers.  It has taken a couple weeks for this to happen and I will explain why.  The area where Cheyenne needs her radiation is very superficial (thin, close to surface), and seeing as they already removed the tumour they are doing this as 'insurance'.  Radiation doesn't affect the first few layers of skin(which we need), and because the temporal lobe of her brain is so close they were worried about the long term damage it would have on her.  After alot of research, scans and consults with other hospitals they have agreed that Cheyenne is able to proceed with electron therapy radiation.  In doing this, they have also determined that she needs less treatments than originally thought, only 20(as oppossed to 28).  Electron therapy is available at Juravinski Cancer Centre.  She would go monday thru friday for four weeks.  She is scheduled to start this coming Tuesday.  It will still make for a long day as it is about a 45 minute drive both ways, as well as treatment time, but it means that we are still home.  The other option we were originally told about would mean a relocation to Boston for Cheyenne, myself and the baby.  There she could receive Proton therapy.  Boston is a 9+ hour drive from home, so even coming home for weekends wasn't really on option. 
Yesterday when we went they were lining Cheyenne's mask up under the machines with her specially-made lead template(I will take pictures, but I forgot my camera).  This is to shield and protect the surrounding area.  This was not easy for her as they had to keep checking the position and doing scans and we had to leave the room.  I think the hardest part was that they kept shutting off the lights.
The actual treatment is only going to take about 30 seconds.  The bulk of the time is setting her up before the treatment.  Because they need to treat the skin, they will place a 'wax' plug on top of the area.  This 'tricks' the radiation into thinking that it is skin and then the depth where the radiation is most effective will be at the area that needs treatment.  This is the easist way to explain it.
Cheyenne will still proceed with her chemo during this time  She received her vincristine yesterday, no tears!  However there is one medication that she can't have during radiation.  Even though we are going to 2 different hospitals currently, they are both Hamilton Health Sciences so we were able to change our parking pass to multi-site at no extra cost. 
Please pray for us as we start this radiation treatment
  • safe travels to and from the hospitals
  • peace for Cheyenne as she is anxious about 'wearing the mask'

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  1. Hi Sonya-You don't know me but Dave delivered some feed to the farm I work at. He mentioned about his daughter having cancer. Instead of giving me all the details he gave me Cheyenne's blog. My heart goes out to your family as you go through this trial. I'm shure it is not easy to see a young child suffer. My prayers are with you in this time that the Lord may grant healing. We may not always understand God's ways. But I know that he works all things to the honour of his name and acording to his will Frank Middel