Thursday, September 12, 2013

september 2013-an update

I realize you are all probably wondering why the blog has been so quiet.  We have been very busy the past month and I admit I neglected keeping you all in the loop.  Although for obvious reasons I didn't really want to broadcast when my house would be vacant either.
The summer started out busy and kept right on marching that way.  We had the opportunity to go to Camp Trillium for a week.  This camp is for children and their families who have been effected by childhood cancer.  We had a great time and they think of everything to make it enjoyable.

Each child(the little girls shared) had a special friend.  This friend stayed with them from 8am until bedtime.  They had tons of activities planned.  Note to self-dont take decent clothes next year.  The kids have fun, and they get really messy.
We stayed in cabins, and i did not enjoy sleeping on a bunk bed.  Sorry no pictures of that one.

One night after supper the firefighters came and let the kids play in the trucks(no restrictions), spray the water hose and it was a hoot.  Our kids still talk about it, and I think Dave was pretty impressed too.
As a woman, I enjoyed having someone else make the meals and do the dishes.  The food was great and they have some really cool chants and songs.  One of their awesome things is that they make a cake for each family who has finished chemo in the past year.  At the last lunch they serve these 'No more chemo' cake.  They have a huge banner and the councellors are singing.

Its going to take me a couple blog posts to catch up so I will give you an update on Cheyenne now.  Her energy is coming along in leaps and bounds.  She still tires easily and this is something we have to watch now that she has started school again.  Her hair is growing thick and its about the length of a boys cut now.  She can almost keep a hair clip in it.

Her next appointment to get her port flushed is September 20th.  At some point soon she needs blood work done also.  They are doing a repeat echocardiogram of her heart.  She had one done in June, everything looked fine and havent gotten a reason as to why it needs repeated.  Her CT is booked for October 3, and her MRI is October 10th.
Please keep us in your prayers during this time.  The anxiety surrounding the scans is hard on Cheyenne and us.  This one is even harder because she has been 3 months off treatment.
I would also ask that you keep my brother in your prayers as well at this time.  Peter has been admitted to hospital with a serious blood infection.  He has made great improvements since they changed his antibiotic tuesday, and will probably stay in hospital til early next week.

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