Monday, March 24, 2014

A quick update-March 24

I just thought I should post an update seeing as it has been awhile.  Cheyenne is scheduled next week wednesday and friday for her 9 month post chemo Ct (chest), and MRI (head).  She will also have her routine bloodwork done at the same time.  Once we receive her results back they will reschedule her port removal.  We have had a couple chances to take a cancellation but both times Cheyenne had plans and I really felt that she has had to miss things for appointments and this wasn't on my list of priorities.
Cheyenne also has a follow-up booked with the orthopedic surgeon this thursday.   This is to watch the side effects from her neuropathy that the chemo caused.  We do notice that she still walks on tip toes, but they are more concerned at this time of her knock knees.
Cheyenne also went to visit the opthamologist over the March break.  They are going to continue to monitor her every 3 months.  Her one eye still wanders at time, however they would rather wait to see if it will correct itself over time.
I will try to post an update once we get her results.  I anticipate those the 2nd week of April.

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